Toy Rabbit TERNI


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Indeed, the soft plush toy allows in particular:

to express social behaviors (biting, contact, etc.).
diffusion of familiar smells to reassure your pet when you are away.
an effective alternative to boredom.
Saving for your pet’s mental health, the cuddly toy supports the regulation of emotions such as stress, anxiety or even anxiety.
Preventing behavioral problems, the TERNI Rabbit Soft Toy from Hunter has a sound effect encouraging the dog to use the accessory.

TERNI Rabbit  toy for dogs
Made of polyester
Thick padding for a soft effect
Bite resistant material
Aid in the expression of social behaviors
Promotes your pet’s well-being
Avoid boredom and destruction
Reduces the risk of stress
Tooth care aid ensuring tooth wear
Avoid boredom and destructive behavior
Hand wash cold
White colour


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