Small Animal Outdoor Kit


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Give your little quadruped the perfect summer with the outdoor small animal set for rabbits, dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs! This pack makes your pet’s heart beat faster. The kit includes:
Trixie Natura open enclosure for young animals with protective net
Trixie Small Animal Rocker
Hay rack with bench Kerbl
MultiFit Hay Harvest 2 kg
The long-awaited summer is finally here and temperatures are already reaching 25 degrees. It’s time to make the summer heat more bearable for your little friend and offer him some refreshment. With our exclusive Outdoor set for small animals, you offer your companion the perfect summer.

The Trixie Natura open run is ideal for the garden. It consists of 6 elements, each 58 × 38 cm, which simply fit into each other. The enclosure is made of a powder-coated metal, which makes it waterproof and weatherproof. The enclosure is also particularly suitable for young animals thanks to its small distance of 2 cm between the bars.

The semi-closed protective net included in the set also prevents animals from jumping out and at the same time protects against birds of prey, cats and direct sunlight.

In summary :

In powder-coated metal
small spacing between the bars prevents young animals from escaping
with door
Protective net preventing animals from escaping
Protection against raptors and cats
half of the net is closed and protects from the sun
Mesh width: 1 x 1 cm
Dimensions: 6 elements of 58 x 38 cm


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