Educational Search Mat Dog Activity


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The olfactory system being particularly developed in canines, it is strongly recommended to stimulate this sense daily in order to guarantee mental well-being to your dog.

Healthy entertainment, the toy in the form of a sniffing mat allows:

An effective alternative against boredom.
Brain training essential for good mental health.
A solution to fight against eating disorders such as gluttony.
Developed by the German brand Trixie, the Dog Activity Education Mat is a real enrichment to make available to your four-legged friend.

Dog Activity Education Mat
Made of polyester
The game consists of the animal getting a treat using its muzzle or paws
Effective against boredom
Reduces the risk of onset of behavioral problems
Train the skill
Stimulates food exploration
Suitable for play and for daily feeding to alleviate gluttony
Features multiple removable slots
Includes booklet with tips for optimal training
Color: WHITE and RED


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